"The Cherokee Street Theatre Co. excels in taking pop-culture phenomena and translating into truly funny live-action parodies. While some may scoff at the lowbrow nature of the shows, they provide laugh-out-loud entertainment for their audiences and are a great gateway company to other theatrical experiences." - Tina Farmer, KDHX


Upstairs @ The Golden Record

The heart of the ancient Saturnalia celebration was the rejection and overturning of norms through feasting, gift-giving, drinking, gambling, and a giant debaucherous party.

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Movies, Music, Dance, and Comedy

Upstairs @ The Golden Record

Join us Sunday through Wednesday for live local music, movies, improv, stand-up, open mic nights, performance art and other uniquely Cherokee Street events.

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2023 Theater Season


Clash Of The Titans Live Parody

Clash Of The Titans (1980s)


NeverEnding Story Live Parody

NeverEnding Story

2019 - 2022 Season Photos

Photos by Rachel Bailey | Rachel Bailey Creates


The Golden Record- Upstairs Cherokee St. St. Louis, MO 63118

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